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Infused Salt Quad - Artisanal Salt Blends

This amazing Infused Salt Quad, handcrafted by The Spanish Tin, features 4 artisanal salt blends: Mediterranean Rosemary Salt, Salud Spicy Cocktail Salt, Black Truffle Sea Salt, and Seafood Pescadora Salt.

These infused salts will make your spice cabinet pop with new and exciting flavors. Versatile in their uses, the Infused Salt Quad can be used for all types of cooking: grilling, eggs, potatoes, seafood, chicken, and even cocktails!  A great addition to your pantry or a thoughtful foodie gift.

  • Non gmo
  • No msg
  • No additives
  • Non irradiated
Set consists of four (2) oz tins. Each tin measures 2 in by 1.5 in tall. Product weight may vary.

$40 with FREE shipping

-The Spanish Tin is a local artisan based in Southern California crafting small batch spices inspired by the flavors of Spain-