The Seaforth Fish Co Advantage

Seaforth Fish Co sells premium quality salmon and halibut sustainably and seasonally harvested from the pristine waters of Alaska.  We flash freeze our seafood within hours of it being caught to keep the amazing quality and flavor intact, making it as good or even better than most of the fresh seafood available at the supermarket.

Alaska’s marine habitats are well protected and extremely well managed, keeping the waters clean.  The seafood harvested from Alaskan waters is pure and free of contamination from toxins like pesticides, antibiotics, PCBs, growth hormones, dyes, and bacteria. The quality of our seafood far surpasses the quality you'll find in farm-raised fish purchased from the supermarket.

We work closely with Alaskan Fishers - both Fishermen and Fisherwomen.  All of the fishers we work with practice sustainable fishing practices.  We know them, we know how they work, and we approve.  And that means you know them too. That's a rare luxury these days, and we are proud to be able to introduce you to them.