Simple Share // Community Supported Fishery (CSF)



Being a member of our CSF means you are choosing to support small, independent fishermen and their families, while getting your share of the most premium Alaskan fish available.  Thank you from all of them, and all of us!

From your account, you can place your account on vacation hold, choose the contents of your upcoming delivery, and update your contact information. 

You will get a reminder email seven days prior to your next scheduled delivery letting you know your share is coming. If you will be unable to pick up or receive this delivery, you can log into your account to place your share on vacation hold.

You can log into your CSF account here.

If you run into trouble, email us at for assistance.

All of our fish is wild caught and sustainably harvested in Alaska by independent, small boat fishermen who take pride in catching and handling their fish with great care.

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