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Know Your Fisherman

All of our salmon and halibut is Sustainable, Wild and All Natural.  It is flash frozen (cryogenically frozen) within one day of being caught, sometimes even quicker, making it the best quality fish around.  Alaskans call it "Fresher than Fresh."

We are very proud to be partnered with the following Alaskan producers:

Thunders Catch

Taran and Kara -Thunder's Catch - Seaforth Fish Company"Thunder, Thunder, Thunder!"

Captain Taran White and Kara Berlin are the co-owners of Thunder's Catch.  You may have seen Captain Taran ripping it up on the Animal Planet Series - Alaska: Battle on the Bay, a show about Bristol Bay Gill Netting.  He is known for being the most aggressive guy with the fastest boat, and for leading his crew by example.

Their families have been fishing in Alaska since 1975 so it's safe to say they are experts at sustainable fishing and producing a premium quality product.  Captain Taran and his crew catch Wild and Sustainable Sockeye Salmon in Bristol Bay, immediately bleed the fish and flash freeze them for the best quality. 

Taran's favorite Salmon recipe is to grill it while basting with Olive Oil, Tarragon and Garlic, then serve with a topping of freshly made Pesto Sauce.  We give this a huge thumbs up!