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Seaforth Fish Company Wild Alaskan CSF Southern California How it works

1. 100% WILD

All of our fish is wild and sustainably caught and processed in Alaska, by Alaskans.  No antibiotics, no dyes, just beautiful, wild fish caught by small boats.

2.  Community Supported Fishery (CSF)

Our fishermen are from all over Alaska - from Dutch Harbor to Bristol Bay, from Kodiak to Ketchikan.  They are family outfits who live in the communities they fish in, and are active in keeping the Alaskan fishery alive and well for future generations.  

3.  Best Quality Fish Ever!

We work with independent fishermen on small boats, not large factory catcher/processors or large corporate owned boats. They use sustainable and ethical processes to bring you the best seafood possible.  Each fish is brought on board, gutted and bled by hand, then immediately packed in ice.  They come to shore more often than larger boats so our fish is vacuum sealed and flash frozen within 24 hours. We have the best processing in the industry, guaranteeing that the best quality Alaskan fish is delivered to your doorstep. 

4.  With That Said....

We are doing business differently - our business ethics are based on Fair Trade. This means our fishermen are able to keep around 20 - 30% more of the value of their harvest than if they sold their fish the traditional way.  

Seaforth Fish Company Supply Chain Fair Trade

5.  Traceability

Our fishermen take great pride in their work, and we like to support that with our labeling.  Each piece of fish we deliver to you is labeled with the name of the boat that caught it and how it was caught.  

    6.  Sign up is EASY!

    Our CSF subscription service is super simple and works like a year round CSA. Once you’re signed up, your deliveries continue monthly with automatic pre-payment.

    Sign for our local Southern California CSF by clicking HERE, which will take you through all the steps, beginning with choosing whether you want Sockeye Salmon, King Salmon, Halibut, or a combination. 

    If you're not in Southern California, click HERE for Sockeye Salmon, HERE for King Salmon, and HERE for Alaskan Pacific Halibut.

    Delivery schedules are HERE.  If you need to change your delivery, let us know as far in advance as possible and we will make it happen if we can.  Contact us at or 949-232-7530. 

    7.  The Cost?

    • The cost for a monthly share depends on which species you choose, but it ranges from $79.00 to $159.00 per delivery, with no contract. 

    • You can add fillets of other species to your order if you'd like to try something new.

    • You can swap out your choice of fish from month to month.

    • Your account is automatically charged for your first delivery when you sign up, then on the first day the following months thereafter unless you pause your subscription.  

    • There are no sign-up or setup fees, and the delivery cooler for our Southern California CSF is included at no charge. If we need to replace your cooler for you there is a charge of $25 for the new one.  (you can take delivery in any airtight cooler you choose - as long as the fish and ice packs fit in, we are all good.)

    • Nationwide deliveries are made in environmentally conscious and recyclable packaging when possible.

      8.  How Much Fish Do I Get?

      • Our Monthly Share size is 5+ pounds per share.  It's almost impossible to give you exactly 5lbs, so we give you a little more rather than a little less.

      • Sockeye salmon is packaged in vacuum sealed, 1-2lb whole side, skin-on, *boneless fillets

      • King Salmon is packaged in vacuum sealed, 8oz-1lb skin-on, *boneless fillets 

      • Halibut is packaged in vacuum sealed, 3/4-1lb skinless, *boneless fillets

      • Rockfish is packaged in vacuum sealed, 1 lb packages of 2-3 skinless, *boneless fillets.
      • All of our fish is vacuum sealed and flash frozen in Alaska, and delivered frozen to you.  It will keep in your freezer for up to 2 years.

      *NOTE - bones are removed, but you may run into the occasional bone that escaped detection.  

        9.  What If I Don’t Want Certain Species?

        You are 100% in charge of what you get.  We carry 3 species - Bristol Bay Sockeye Salmon, Troll Caught Alaskan King Salmon, and Ling Caught Alaskan Pacific Halibut.  You can choose one of these or a combination, and you can swap out anytime if you'd like a little variety.  

        We also give you the opportunity to add a fillet of another species to your box if you'd like to try it before committing to a whole box of something new.

        10.  How Does Delivery Work?

        Southern California CSF Delivery

        • On delivery day we pack your order into a cooler and bring it to the delivery address you chose when you signed up - it can be your home, office, wherever you are during the day.  If your delivery address changes, let us know by the day before your delivery and we'll get your fish to the right place!

        • Your first delivery will come packed in an insulated styrofoam cooler inside a cardboard box, taped shut to keep the cold in.  For the rest of your deliveries, simply leave the cooler out in a convenient spot near your front door and we will find it, fill it and close it up to keep the cold in and the fish frozen.

        • If you have a special way that you wish to take delivery, let us know.  We do that too!  Some of our clients meet us at the truck and take their bag of fish straight to the freezer.  If it works for you, it works for us. 

        Nationwide Delivery

        • Nationwide deliveries are shipped via FedEx ground the first Monday of each month.  They are packed in environmentally conscious packaging with dry ice to keep them frozen until they reach you.  

        • We ship only to a physical address, no PO boxes.

          11.  The Best Part

          You are a member of a special group of people who understand the value of eating wild, sustainably caught fish.  Now you'll have the best quality fish you've ever tasted delivered conveniently to your front door.  It is amazing, wild, sustainable healthy fish you can share with friends and family or enjoy on your own!

          We have a recipe section on our website if you need a little help or inspiration. Check it out HERE.  Another great resource for recipes is the Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute.  

          Eating wild, sustainable Alaskan Salmon and Halibut is a delicious way to experience a connection with the ocean and the men and women in Alaska who catch our seafood and steward our oceans. 

          12.  Is There Anything Else I Should Know?

          Our fish is 100% wild and sustainably caught by independent fishermen on small boats.  The people of Alaska cherish this valuable resource they have, and as a result, Alaska’s marine habitats are well protected and extremely well managed, keeping the waters clean.  The seafood harvested from Alaskan waters is pure and free of contamination from toxins like pesticides, antibiotics, PCBs, growth hormones, dyes, and bacteria.   

          In fact - Alaska is the only state with a mandate for sustainable seafood written into its constitution.   Check out Sustainability in Plain English for more information about Alaska's commitment to sustainable seafood.

          13.  Have Questions?

          See our FAQs or contact us!