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We are Alaskans

We are changing the way you find good seafood - welcome to The Seaforth Fish Company, your local Southern California CSF (community supported fishery) featuring wild and sustainable premium Alaskan seafood source! 

The idea for The Seaforth Fish Company has been simmering for years.  We grew up with the Pacific Ocean as our playground - our experiences working at a set net site and on a salmon tender fuel our passion for being part of the movement to keep our wild fish stocks sustainable. It's tough, sometimes, to find great Alaskan seafood if you're not pulling it out of the waters of Alaska's Pacific Ocean yourself.  We dream of it still - moments of frontier glory - bright, silvery salmon splashing in the net or at the end of a line. And halibut - the great barn door of the deep.  There is nothing like the experience of having one of those great monsters come to the surface next to your skiff!

As foodies and lifelong subsistence hunter/gatherers, we know what good food, and especially good seafood, looks like but we have a hard time finding it.  And when we asked our friends and family where they got good seafood, they all said the same thing - they either went to a restaurant, or they went without.  

Now residents of Orange County, California and the surrounding areas can do more than just dream of great Alaskan seafood.  Now you can get wild, sustainable Alaskan Salmon, Halibut, Rockfish and other wild Alaskan seafood delivered to your home or business on a monthly basis.  

We come from the wilds of Alaska, and we bring fish.  We love it and we think you will too.