How To Cook Sockeye Salmon - Our FAVORITE Method

How To Cook Sockeye Salmon - Our FAVORITE Method

June 22, 2017

Everyone knows that wild Alaskan Salmon is amazing on the grill, but have you ever tried it pan fried in BACON GREASE???

We hadn't either, until we did.

And we're ohhhhh, so glad we gave it a shot because it is the BEST!

We get our bacon from Chef Tony at Big O Bacon.  Big O Bacon is an artisan thick cut, cold-smoked bacon made without nitrates or sugar. He uses ethically grown and harvested pork, and cures it naturally with his own hand crafted dried celery powder and a secret recipe. Once it is cured, he cold smokes it. And it is amazing. #droolingoverhere  Get it at the DTSA Farmers Market on Sundays.  

Anytime I plan to make our wild Sockeye Salmon for dinner I make Chef Tony's bacon for breakfast in my large cast iron pan.  And that's what I use when I cook the salmon that night for dinner.  And it is the bomb!


6 (or so) slices of Chef Tony's Big O Bacon.  More is better.

One fillet or three portions of boneless, skin-on Wild Alaskan Sockeye from Seaforth Fish Company

Salt and Pepper


Slow fry bacon to a crispy goodness and set aside

Thaw salmon, salt and pepper to taste.

Warm leftover bacon grease to medium heat.

Place salmon, flesh down, in bacon grease to cook.

Cook over medium for 8 to 12 minutes, or until salmon begins to firm up.  Start checking at 6 minutes.  The color will begin to change to a more opaque, paler orange as it cooks.  You will see the cook-line creep up the side of the fillet or portion.


Flip to skin side to finish, another 2 minutes or so.

When done to your liking, use fish spatula to remove salmon from pan.  You can either serve it skin-on, or remove the flesh from the skin and plate it.  If you leave the skin in the pan, continue cooking until it's crispy and you'll have a delicious salmon skin cracker. 

And voila - that is all.  It's done.  Enjoy with a salad or over pasta.  Pretty much anyway you like.  And make extra, because this recipe makes the BEST leftovers!

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